My Career

My business journey started when I was a little ‘KID’, as my father still calls me to this day. “Hey Kid, come here.  Hey Kid, your doing great. Hey Kid, listen to your elders” he would say.  OK moving on…  I went to Private Catholic School through elementary where the I learned to pay attention and listen to all of the rules.  There was a transition happening in the Catholic School system in which teachers (nuns) were no longer honoring the old traditional dress & punishment standards set centuries before. My experience was a modern, inclusive, nurturing, yet strict one.  It gave me the tools to think for myself.  Conforming to cultural standards and giving into peer pressure do not interest me.

After my mom moved us out of the city, I attended a suburban public school in Ohio (7-12).  It was awesome!  There were so many kids to befriend, clubs and classes to choose from, and I didn’t have to where uniforms anymore.  I young girls dream, right.  I took full advantage of the many athletic programs they had to offer.  The competitive nature of sports gave me motivation, self-esteem, perspective, & unity.  I look back on those memories with joy, as some of the stories I could tell make me laugh out loud in a quite room.

The rest of my story is the typical journey of a business professional.  I graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration with focus in Finance.  Took the 1st ‘REAL JOB’ I was offered back in 2010 and have grown with my company ever since.  I spend most of  Monday to Friday (9a-5p) strategizing how to grow our company through PR, marketing, partnerships.  Life is good.

Do you have the career you want?  List some topics that might help you get there.

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